• Linda Vincenta Byrne

"Many hands make light work"

I just read an article in The Bangkok Post on kids leading the way again on campaigning for the elimination of single use plastics.

One question by the interviewer was: How Can We Help?

Their answer was:

Everyone has to stand up together—retailers, customers, producers—because companies don’t want to do it alone. It takes teamwork to create change.

Teamwork.....I thought to myself. Yes that's it! I couldn't agree more. As the old saying goes "Many hands make light work".

Sometimes, understandably as adults we get caught up in the sheer size or enormity of global issues such as environmental degradation, de-forestation, global warming and climate change. This causes a fight, flight or freeze response (ingrained biological, natural reactions that humans have as a response to a stressor), and we are left feeling angry / blaming each other (fight) or feeling powerless (freeze), and/or unsure of what real difference we can make as an individual so we turn our heads the other way and literally leave the situation/do nothing (flight).

But in reality, all we need to do is remember that we aren't doing this alone. We do not need to face these large stressors alone.

Yes, we are individuals BUT as individuals, together we make up a team of people across the globe called the human race. Each individual's action does not stand alone, it is an action that is part of a larger organism of change that IS happening across the planet right now.

If we can just keep it simple and shift our attention inward even for just a few moments to ask... What small thing can I do personally RIGHT NOW to stand up and be counted and become part of this wonderful team of human beings that are making my world a better place?

Whether you make one small change to your lifestyle e.g. like incorporating a few minutes of meditation into your day, or decide to become a full time activist targeting organisations and governments for the eradication of single plastics, it matters not. The point is that you join us by choosing to do something as collectively our individual actions whether small or large, do count and are already making a difference.

As social beings, we all crave connection and community and in a fast paced world we often feel disconnected from that SO counter act this and connect with THIS community right here and now and ask yourself what small change can I make now to contribute to my human being team to be the change in a better world?

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